Los Angeles , Ca

Mustang GT’s | Cobra’s | V6’s | Fox body’s | Mach 1’s | Boss’s

All Mustang owners are welcome

What We do
Drag Racing • Open track • Autocross • Car Shows • Meetings • Parties • BBQ’s
C ruises • Discounts • Group Purchases • Installation Help • Tons of Fun

Here’s what the Indianapolis Chapter has to offer:

• No member fees or required meetings - you don't have to pay any fees to be a part of our club.  You can hang out with us at your own convenience.
• No decal requirements - you don't have to put any stickers or decals on your car.

• All Mustangs are welcomed - stock or modified, new or old, if you have a Mustang you are more than welcomed to hang out with us.
• Friendly environment - we are a very laid back and non-cliquey group of people.

We do not condone any illegal street racing.

Email: dave@wildhorsesclub.com
Dave (Los Angeles Chapter President):
Email: info@wildhorsesclub.com General Information

Web Site: http://www.wildhorsesclub.com