Name: Jordan Fernald
ScreenName: 5point8gt
1990 Mustang GT 5.8

I love driving stangs.I also love to ride my Suzuki RM-125 dirtbike.I also love listening to death metal really loud. If its too loud than your too old.

Motor:1969 351w,Dart cast iron heads ported and polished,double valve springs,1.6 roller rockers,custom flat tappet cam,solid lifters,billet alum.
flywheel,victor Jr. manifold,one inch carb raiser,MSD billet dist.,MSD 6al,Holley 4150 750cfm double pumper mechanical secondaries,Hooker headers Super comp
351w swap headers 1 3/4" primarys,3" piping to 3" 2-chamber flowmaster dumps.Drivetrain:mikes transmissions Ultimate C4 w/brake,trans blanket,3800 stall 8"
converter,B&M Pro rachet shifter,B&M racing transcooler,FRPP alum. driveshaft,FRPP 4.10 gears,Stock rearend other than gears.Suspension:D&D coil-over kit,D&D
tubular K-member,Tubular A-arms,D&D cast camber plates,Lakewood 90/10 drag struts,Lakewood 50/50 shocks,Moroso rear drag springs,D&D double adjustable
upper control arms,D&D non-adjustable tubular lowers.Chassis:Brandt Racing Enterprises subframe conn welded,Competition Engineering 8-pt roll bar welded,wheels
& tires:Front:Weld Racing 15x5 w/165-15 tires,Rear:Weld Racing 15x8 w/28x11.50
M/T E.T Steets.


Misc: Id like to thank my parents and all my friends from lancaster who helped me put this beast together.Id also like to thank Dustin from Dustin Lee Racing Engines for giving me an awesome motor for a great deal.s