NorCal Wildhorses is the Northern California Chapter of the mustang club founded in SouthernCalifornia named the Wildhorses. We are a membership club dedicated to the appreciation of all Ford's high-performance vehicles. We actively participate in driving, modifying, and showing our vehicles and providing a fun and exciting atmosphere with an emphasis on camaraderie and socializing around this unique brand of automobiles. Owning a Ford product is required to join our club. NorCal Wildhorses encourages all Roush, Saleen, SVT, and all other early or late-model Ford product owners to join our club.


Not in the area or moving somewhere else? Here's a list of other areas where the Wildhorses have spread to:

:: San Diego Chapter
:: Southern CA Chapter
:: Northern CA Chapter
:: Michigan Chapter NEW
:: Illinios Chapter NEW






July 30, 2005 - We are planning on getting to the boardwalk at 1pm, but meeting at a location that we can all get group up for the NorCal Wildhorses Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Event. That meeting spot is the Capitola Mall right infront of Mervyn's at 11:30am-12pm (in between there, please arrive). Please bring money for food, parking and rides!!! This will be TONS of fun!!! please be prepared for hot and/or cold weather. the sun or fog might show their faces so summer and cold weather clothing might be a good idea, as well as sunblock. Visit the messageboard for more information.

July 22, 2005 - Images from the 4th annual cafords.com carshow are uploaded! Check out the Galleries for more!



2005 Event Schedule
10/15/05 NorCal WH Malibu Grand Prix Event
09/16-18/05 Cherry's Jubilee 2005
08/13-14/05 NorCal/SoCal BlackMustangClub GTG
07/30/05 NorCal WH Santa Cruz Boardwalk Event
06/25/05 4th Annual Cafords.com Carshow
06/18/05 VMOA 28th Annual Carshow
06/12/05 NorCal Wildhorses Event/Meeting
05/29/05 SCCA SOLO2 Championship RD 8
05/15/05 SCCA SOLO2 Championship RD 6
05/14/05 Gallop Around the Bay
05/14/05 Apex Motorsports Grand Opening Carshow
05/01/05 3rd Annual Fordlovers WC Nationals
04/30/05 Mustang Maddness @ Sac Raceway
04/17/05 Knott's Berry Fabulous Fords Forever
04/16/05 Wildhorses Tri-Chapter Pre-FFF Party
03/19/05 NCWH Apex Motorsports Dyno Day RESCH
02/26/05 NCWH/WestCoast Fords Meet
01/29/05 NCWH Cruise & Lunch
01/29/05 NCWH WC Fords Meet RESCHEDULED
01/16/05 NC Wildhorses Hangout @ Photoshoot


Pictures from the NorCal Wildhorses Malibu Grand Prix Event have now been uploaded and ready to be viewed! Click here to check it out!

Pictures from Cherry's Jubilee 2005 have now been uploaded and ready to be viewed! Click here to check it out!

Pictures from the BMC Monterey Weekend Event have now been uploaded and ready to be viewed! Click here to check it out!


Members are encouraged to help out the club by trying to find members! Here is a image of Wildhorses Flyers that you can all print out, and put on cars or hand to people.
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WildHorses does not charge its members any dues; we are privately funded. Keeping up with the web server, hosting, supplys and various club costs, payments can add up every month. Monetary donations of any amount (even as small as $1) are a great help and are appreciated. Donations accepted via PayPal. Donations are assured to be used specifically and exclusively for this community.

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Meeting Schedule:
Meeting locations do vary because of the wide area that the NorCal Wildhorses are spread on. Locations vary from San Jose, Monterey, Marina, Salinas, Fremont, and other Bay Area locations.
Chapter contact:
President - Marek Piecyk
Vice Pres. -
Brandon Fisher

Want to become a Wildhorses PURSPEED Racing member?

Click here to download the requirements Microsoft Word document.  

Want some Stickers?

You can either do one of a few things to recieve stickers, you can either email your mailing address to one of the chapter contact or you can wait to come to a Wildhorses event and ask for some.

Remember, they are now $9 for a pair of stickers. Due to the fact the leadership needs to pay out of their own pockets for these stickers now.





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