NorCal Wildhorses isn't just a club to have shows and meeting. The Wildhorses are known to have numerous experiences with racing legally on offical racing events. After good amount of organization, and planning, the Wildhorses have created the racing team that will represent the Wildhorses during ALL events that the Wildhorses trademark will be presented at, namely "PURSPEED RACING".

Not in the area or moving somewhere else? Here's a list of other areas where the Wildhorses have spread to:

:: San Diego Chapter
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:: Northern CA Chapter
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Sacramento Raceway Mustang Maddness
April 30, 2005



Sacramento Raceway 3rd Annual Fordlovers Westcoast Nationals
May 1, 2005

SCCA SOLO2 AutoX Championship RD 6
May 15, 2005 Marina, CA

SCCA SOLO2 AutoX Championship RD 8
May 29, 2005 Marina, CA

Racing Event Schedule for 2004
05/29/05 SCCA SOLO2 Championship RD 8 Marina, CA
05/15/05 SCCA SOLO2 Championship RD 6 Marina, CA
05/01/05 Sacramento Raceway 3rd Annual Fordlovers Nationals
04/30/05 Sacramento Raceway Mustang Maddness


The Mustang Maddness Drag Racing Pictures are now up! Click here to view!

The All Ford Carshow and Drag Racing Pictures are now up! Click here to view!




Want to become a Wildhorses PURSPEED Racing member?

Click here to download the requirements to become a PURSPEED RACING member Microsoft Word document.

Not everyone can become a member of the race team, so please read the above document to see if you qualify. Thank you.

Sacramento Raceway
*Rules and Regulations

*Rules and Regulations

* Homepage

Want some Stickers?

You can either do one of a few things to recieve stickers, you can either email your mailing address to one of the chapter contact or you can wait to come to a Wildhorses event and ask for some.

Colors available are Red, Blue, Silver, White, Black, Maroon, and Yellow. Custom Colors must be asked for.

Remember, they are FREE once you sign up to the message board, and attend one meeting.






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